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Airpel - M9 - General Specifications

Piston diameter
9.3 mm

Min. operating pressure
<1.5 up to700 kPA
(0.015 up to 7 bar)

Force factor
Ratio of air pressure (bar) at
the system and force (Newton)
at the rod:
Factor rear side: 6.77
Factor rod side: 6.00

Force output at max. pressure
on the rear/rod side
rear side: 47.4 N
rod side: 42.0 N

Piston friction as % of load

(without side load)
Approx. 1-2 %

Temperature Range
- 20 °C bis + 100 °C (standard)
- 40 °C bis + 150 °C (code ET)

Weight in g
(Piston/ Rod assy)
Single rod end:
4.5 + (0.053 x stroke)
Double rod end:
8.87 + (0.13 x stroke)

Weight of complete unit in g

Single rod end:
31.7 + (0.375 x stroke)
Double rod end:
41.02 + (0.462 x stroke)

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