GramForce® Gripper

GrampForce Gripper

Depend on GramForce® grippers to be gentle when the going gets delicat

With the sleek, new GramForce gripper, you’ll find all the features you’d expect to find in Airpot’s family of Accurate Force Pneumatic products—and then some. At every turn, expect minute friction levels that assure uncompromising force accuracy. With wide operating temperature ranges. And repeatability you can depend on, time after time, for millions of times. Lubrication? Never! A mere 205 grams total mass keeps this gripper light on its feet. Its
stainless steel mounting blocks accommodate finger lengths up to 75 mm. And combined with its synchronous and parallel design, it is counterbalanced to provide unchanging gripping force in any mounting orientation: It’s a versatile gripper like no other.
So, in short, we’ve gone to great lengths to design the GramForce gripper for your most exacting applications—powerfully tough on the inside, but with a grip as gentle as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings.

What’s it good for?

Whether the parts you need to work with are exceedingly fragile, soft, delicate, or sensitive, you’ll see they can now be accurately and safely grasped, held, or positioned with this impressively adroit gripper. It’s ideal for precision assembly equipment, test and measurement devices, robotic arm end-effectors, small parts handling, and the most delicate of machining operations you can think up.

What’s in it for you?

Inside the Airpot® GramForce gripper (see below) you’ll find it is driven by two tiny 5.6 mm bore, ultra-low friction pneumatic Airpot actuators, enhanced with our Airpel® Plus technology.
If that doesn’t catch your attention, the carriage blocks mounted on an IKO* precision stainless steel rail will. Along with its ability to operate at pressures from 0.02 MPa to
0.7 MPa—all while providing precise holding forces as low as 0.25 N up to a heftier 8.6 N.
Are you operating in a clean environment? It will be right at home. Plus, the light-weight compact design saves space while allowing easy mounting from the bottom or either
side. The versatile finger mounting blocks make it a snap to attach holding jaws of your own design.
So, there really is a lot in this gripper for you!
Like the migrating monarch, let your design imagination take flight: you’ll discover little that is too small or too
delicate for the Airpot GramForce gripper to handle— whatever your most demanding designs may be. When the going gets delicate, designers get GramForce.

Available Models

ModelStrokeDiameter of Hose Fittings
G8-18-AP-S 18 mm
4.0 mm (5/32 inch)
G8-18-BP-S 18 mm
3.2 mm (1/8 inch)

General Information

- Supply with clean, dry, unlubricated air.
- A coalescing filter is required with particle filtration at one micron or less.
- A particle filter upstream of the coalescing filter is recommended.

Maximum Loading on Mounting Block

Fz = 20.0 N
Mx = 2.9 Nm
My = 2.3 Nm
Mz = 1.9 Nm

Specifications Dimensions

18 mm

Effective piston area
12.3 mm²

Gripping force Ff as a function of gripping force F
(unit for supply pressure P is MPa)
F = P x 12.3 N
F = P x 1250 gf

Maximum gripping force
8.6 N
875 gf

Minimum gripping force
0.25 N
25 gf

Maximum friction force Ff as a function of gripping force F
(unit for gripping force F is Newtons)
Ff = F x 0.015 + 0.15 N

Cycle life
5 millionen Zyklen

Cycle rate
3 Hz

Max. Leak rate when supplied with 0.34 MPa
0.5 standard L/min

Recommended maximum finger length
75 mm

Total mass of gripper without user-supplied fingers
205 g

Effective moving mass without user-supplied fingers
80 g

Operating temperature range
-20 bis +80 °C
-4 bis +176 °F

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