Airpot - Low-Friction Pneumatic Actuators

Our Airpot actuators are available as Airpot 2KS56P, Airpot 2KS95P, Airpot 2KS160P, Airpot 2KS240P, Airpot 2KS325P, and Airpot 2KS444P standard models. Our range of actuators includes various rod designs for any conceivable application. Just like Airpot dashpots, our actuators are available with various different strokes and excel with close coefficients of thermal expansion and low wear and tear. Airpot actuators are specifically suited for the control of dancers on coil winders. The graphite piston traveling in the borosilicate glass cylinder provides a nearly frictionless operation of the Airpot actuators and thus ensures a constant transmission of forces.

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