Airpot - Low Frictionless Dashpots for Pull and/or Push Damping

The extremely low-friction Airpot dashpots are available as Airpot 2KS56, Airpot 2KS95, Airpot 2KS160, Airpot 2KS240, Airpot 2KS325, and Airpot 2KS444 models. Dashpots are used in all environments where there is a need to uniformly dampen linear movements or cushion them in a controlled manner. A great choice of different strokes and piston rod versions is available. Thanks to the thermal stability and the low wear and tear of our dashpots, they can be used in the most various industries, even in clean rooms. An adjustment screw at the cylinder top allows you to set the damping force of your Airpot device as required.

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